Right Click Forensic LTD
Right Click Forensic LTD
Right Click Forensic LTD is a London-based provider of forensic computer services. offering services globally, Right Click assists its clients with every step of the process of computer investigations from initial scoping of an exercise right through to delivering expert evidence in court.

Right Click uses the latest equipment available in computer forensics and prides itself in up-to-date knowledge of the people working for it.

At Right Click we are experienced in guiding our clients through all aspects of computer-related investigation cases, and are ready to assist in such cases as:

• Intellectual property theft
• White collar fraud
• Employment tribunal issues
• E-Disclosure collections
• Contractual disputes
• Document forgery
• Data recovery
• Other more unconventional matters as may be required

Please see the Project Examples page for real-life examples of how computer forensic investigations can be applied.

Right Click sets itself apart by constantly considering the end result, and working very closely with the client through each stage of every project, explaining the technical jargon in everyday language. This ensures that the client benefits the most by understanding what has been identified, and how it relates to their circumstance.

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